National Woman's Party Members

National Woman's Party Members


Alphabetical List of Suffrage Prisoners

All the names and locations listed below come from the book
Jailed for Freedom: The Story of the Militant American Suffragist Movement by Doris Stevens.

Minnie D Abbott, Atlantic City, N.J.

Mrs. Pauline Adams, Norfolk, VA

Edith Ainge, Jamestown, NY

Harriet U. Andrews, Kansas City, MO

Mrs. Annie Arneil, Wilmington, DE

Berthe Arnold, Colorado Springs, CO

Virginia Arnold, North Carolina

Mrs. W. D. Ascough, Detroit, MI

Mrs. Abby Scott Baker, Washington, D.C.

Mrs. Charles W. Barnes, Indianapolis, IN

Mrs. Naomi Barrett, Wilmington, DE

Mrs. W.J. Bartlett

Mrs. M. Toscan (Josephine) Bennett, Hartford, CT

Hilda Blumberg, Washington, D.C.

Mrs. Kate Boeckh, Washington, D.C. native of Canada

Mrs. Catherine Boyle, New Castle, DE

Lucy G. Branham, Baltimore, MD

Mrs. Lucy G. Branham, Baltimore, MD

Mrs. John Winters Brannan, New York, NY

Jennie Bronenberg, Philadelphia, PA

Mrs. Mary E. Brown, Wilmington, DE

Louise Bryant, New York, NY formerly from Portland, OR

Lucy Burns, New York, NY

Mrs. Henry Butterworth, New York, NY

Mrs. Lucille A. Holmes, Princeton, IA

Eleanor Calan, Methuen, Mass.

Mrs. Angus Chase, Washington, D.C. formerly of Illinois

Mrs. Palys L. Chebrier, New York, NY

Mrs. Helen Chisaski, Bridgeport, CT

Mrs. William Chisholm, Huntington, PA

Josephine Collins, Framingham, Mass.

Mrs. Sarah Tableton Colvin, St. Paul, Minn.

Betty Connolly, West Newton, Mass.

Mrs. Alice M. Cosu, New Orleans, LA

Cora Crawford, Philadelphia, PA

Gertrude Crocker, Washington, D.C. formerly of Illinois

Ruth Crocker, Washington, D.C. formerly of Illinois

Miss L. J. C. Daniels, Grafton, Vermont and Boston

Dorothy Day, New York City, NY

Edna Dixon, Washington D.C.

Lavinia L. Dock, Fayetteville, PA

Mrs. Mary Carol Dowell, Philadelphia, PA

Mary Dubrow, Passaic, NJ

Julia Emory
published in The Suffragist
No. 8 September 1920

Julia Emory, Baltimore, MD, daughter of state senator D.H. Emory

Mrs. Edmund C. Evans, Ardmore, PA

Lucy Ewing, Chicago, IL

Mrs. Estelle Eylward, New Orleans, LA businesswoman

Mary Gertrude Fendall, Baltimore, MD

Ella Findeisen, Lawrence, Mass.

Katherine Fisher, Washington, D.C. native of Mass.

Mrs. Rose Gratz Fishstein, Philadelphia, PA native of Russia

Catherine M. Flanagan, Hartford, CT

Martha Foley, Dorchester, Mass.

Mrs. T. W. Forbes, Baltimore, MD

Janet Fotheringham, Buffalo, NY

Francis Fowler, Brookline, Mass.

Mrs. Matilda Hall Gardner, Washington, D.C.

Anna Ginsberg, New York City, NY

Reba Gomborov, Philadelphia, PA

Alice Gram, Portland, OR

Betty Gram, Portland, OR

Natalie Gray, Colorado Springs, CO

Mrs. Francis Green, New York City, NY

Gladys Greiner, Baltimore, MD

Mrs. J. Irving Gross, Boston, Mass.

Anna Gwinter, New York City, NY

Elizabeth Hamilton, New York City, NY

Ernestine Hara, New York City, NY

Rebecca Harrison, Joplin, MO

Mrs. H. O. Havemeyer, New York City, NY

Kate Heffelfinger, Shamokin, PA

Mrs. Jessica Henderson, Boston, Mass.

Minnie Hennesy, Hartford, CT

Anne Herkimer, Baltimore, MD

Elsie Hill, Norwalk, CT

Mrs. George Hill, Boston, Mass.

Mrs. Florence Bayard Hilles, Newcastle, DE
Mrs. Florence Bayard Hilles

Mrs. J. A. H. Hopkins (Allison Turnbull), Morristown, NJ

Mrs. L. H. Hornsby, New York City, NY

Elizabeth Huff, Des Moines, IA

Hazel Hunkins, Billings, MT

Julia Hurlbut, Morristown, NJ

Mary Ingham, Philadelphia, PA

Mrs. Mark Jackson, Baltimore, MD

Paula Jakobi, New York City, NY

Maud Jamison, Norfolk, VA

Mrs. Peggy Baird Johns, New York City, NY

Willie Grace Johnson, Shreveport, LA

Amy Juengling, Buffalo, NY

Elizabeth Green Kalb, Houston, TX

Rhoda Kellogg, Minneapolis, Minn.

Mrs. Frederick W. Kendall, Hamburg, NY

Marie Ernst Kennedy, Philadelphia, PA

Mrs. Margaret Wood Kessler, Denver, CO

Alice Kimball, New York City, NY

Mrs. Beatrice Kinkead, Montclaire, NJ

Mrs. Ruby E. Koenig, Hartford, CT

Hattie Kruger, Buffalo, NY

Dr. Anna Kuhn, Baltimore, MD, physician

Mrs. Lawrence Lewis, Philadelphia, PA

Katherine Lincoln, New York City, NY

Dr. Sarah H. Lockrey, Philadelphia, PA

Elizabeth McShane, Philadelphia, PA

Mrs. Annie J. Magee, Wilmington, DE

Mrs. Effie B. Main, Topeka, KS

Maud Malone, New York City, NY

Anne Martin, Reno, NV

Mrs. Louise Parker Mayo, Framingham, Mass.

Nell Mercer, Norfolk, VA

Vida Milholland, New York City, NY

Mrs. Bertha Moller, Minneapolis, Minn.

Martha W. Moore, Philadelphia, PA

Mrs. Agnes H. Morey, Brookline, Mass.

Katharine A. Morey, Brookline, Mass.

Mildred Morris, Denver, CO

Mrs. Phoebe C. Munnecke, Detroit, MI

Gertrude Murphy, Minneapolis, Minn.

Mrs. Mary A. Nolan, Jacksonville, FL

Mrs. Margaret Oakes, Idaho

Alice Paul, Moorestown, NJ

Berry Pottier, Boston, Mass.

Edna M. Partell, Hartford, CT

Mrs. R. B. Quay, Salt Lake City, UT

Mrs. Betsy Reyneau, Detroit, MI

Mrs. C. T. Robertson, Salt Lake City, UT

Mrs. George E. Roewer, Belmont, Mass.

Mrs. John Rogers Jr. New York City, NY

Marguerite Rossette, Baltimore, MD

Mrs. Elise T. Russian, Detroit, MI

Nina Samarodin, born in Kiev, Russia

Mrs. Phoebe Persons Scott, Morristown, New Jersey

Ruth Scott, Bridgeport, CT

Belle Sheinberg, New York City, NY

Mrs. Lucille Shields, Amarillo, TX

Mrs. Martha Reed Shoemaker, Philadelphia, PA

Mrs. Mary Short, Minneapolis, Minn.

Mrs. Louis Warren Shaw, Manchester, NH

Ruth Small, Boston, Mass.

Dr. Caroline E. Spencer, Colorado Springs, CO

Mrs. Kate Stafford, Oklahoma, OK

Doris Stevens, Oamaha, NE, then resident of New York City

Elizabeth Stuyvesant, New York City, NY

Elsie Unterman, Chicago, IL

Mabel Vernon, Wilmington, DE

Mrs. Elsie Vervane, Bridgeport, CT

Mrs. Iris Calderhead Walker, wife of John Brisben Walker, Marysville, KS

Mrs. Robert Walker, Baltimore, MD

Bertha Wallerstein, New York City, NY

Mrs. Bertha Walmsley, Kansas City, MO

Mrs. William Upton Watson, Chicago, IL

Mrs. C. Weaver, Bridgeport, CT

Eva Weaver, Bridgeport, CT

Mr. Helena Hill Weed, Norwalk, CT

Cora A. Week, New York City, NY

Camilla Whitcomb, Worcester, Mass.

Sue White, Jackson, TN, edited The Suffragist

Margaret Fay Whittemore, Detroit, MI

Mrs. Harvey W. Wiley (Anna Kelton Wiley), Washington, D.C.

Rose Winslow, New York City, born in Poland

Mary Winsor, Haverford, PA
Joy Young, Assistant Editor of the Suffragist

Ellen Winsor, Haverford, PA

Mrs. Kate Winston, Chevy Chase, MD

Clara Wold, Portland, OR

Joy Young, New York City, formerly from Washington, D.C.

Matlida Young, Washington, D.C.

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